Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Having an extensive knowledge of anatomy is essential to being a good physical therapist, so we are taking it seriously.

After we finished dinner last night I realized that our entire conversation was about the muscles, nerves, veins, and arteries of the forearm. Needless to say Chance is really getting into his anatomy course right now and I have willingly jumped on board to help him study. I loved my two anatomy courses I took in my undergrad and so it is fun for me to relearn the material as well as go into greater depth with all of the things Chance is learning. Chance is already having dreams about o's, i's, a's, and n's (origin, insertion, action, nerve), and he still has 3 more months of the class! I love it though, the human body is truly amazing. It is incredible how God designed everything so perfectly, we should always be grateful for our bodies and appreciate the wonderful blessing that they are.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


A few days ago we went over to a couple's house from our ward for dinner. He served his mission in Thailand and so we had a delicious authentic Thai dinner, and we all got to cook which made it even better! I can't remember the names of the dishes, probably because I couldn't pronounce them. We have a Thai market close to our apartment and he told me what to buy so I'm going to try it out! We were in charge of bringing dessert and so I made fruit pizza, which was so delicious. My mom always made it for our birthdays when we lived at home, so I like it even more because it reminds me of her.

This is how it turned out! I wish I could have made it with Lodi strawberries, but I did my best. If you want to make it check out my mom and sister's blog http://www.twopeasandapot.blogspot.com/.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Megan!

This is a shout out to the newest 19 year old, the beautiful, funny, intelligent Megan Anne Brink.

Megan has always been an amazing sister and friend.

She has always been so stylish, she started having her own make-up shows when she was six years old!

She is amazing in the kitchen and her chocolate chip cookies are the best I have ever had.

She is absolutely hilarious and can quote our favorite movies like nobody's business.

She is a fighter, so watch out. Nothing can stop her from achieving her goals and I know she is going to do amazing things.

I love this girl so much. Happy birthday Meggie!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

We are family, I got all my sisters with me

Chance and I had the best week in Lodi last week. It was so great to be all together. I especially loved spending lots of time with my darling niece Lily. She is so cute and so fun, I love her so much!! I can't wait to be a mom (but my mom often reminds me that I should wait!).

We left Provo in the snow and enjoyed sunshine in Lodi. It felt great to lay by the pool and relax. We went to the zoo and had fun in the lorikeet exhibit.  

Wednesday we spent a day in the city and I was finally able to see where Jana and Joe live. They are the best and I miss them a ton. San Francisco was lovely, we ate at a yummy cafe called the Crepevine. I had a the Tuscany crepe and it was delicious!

Then we went for a walk down by Crissy Field and the water. It was breezy, but so beautiful!

After our walk we went to the Exploritorium museum, which was so sweet. Lots of cool things to experiment with.

(So darling)

On our last day we decided to hike Mount Diablo which we have wanted to hike for so long! My dad took the day off and we had a great time. It feels so good to be outside, especially because I spent all of last semester in front of a computer.

It was really hard to leave, but we are glad to be back in Provo. Chance started physical therapy school yesterday and I start my internship this week. We have an exciting summer ahead!

Sunday, May 9, 2010


Erin says that people need to hear from me and that I need to blog more so I am following her advice. I am officially graduated!!! Here are a few pics of the two days of graduation. Thursday, April 22, was the commencement exercises in the Marriott Center. It was only an hour long and the speakers were all great. I was expecting for it to be a little longer but the speakers just got to the point. Elder D. Todd Christofferson of the Twelve was the concluding speaker and it was wonderful to hear from him. He gave some great advice and taught about the relationship between the Gospel and education.

 I am so lucky for the wonderful support of my family through the years. There were times when school would get discouraging but it was the help of my family and friends that I was able to make it through those harder times. Erin was a huge help and I am glad that she will be by my side through physical therapy school. From the time I met her until I graduated my grades improved every semester. She was especially encouraging and helped me stay on task better. I know I will need that help and reminder in the future. I was glad that my parents could be there along with Corey and Megan. I hope the feelings of accomplishment I had upon graduating were as joyful for them as they were for me.

 With the gifts that we received after graduation, Erin and I were able to make a big purchase. We bought a bike! It has been a long time since I rode a bike but it will soon be my mode of transportation to and from school. We are really excited about the bike and feel that we got a good deal on it. And don't worry about it getting stolen because we have two locks (double the protection) that are keeping it safe!

I am very grateful that I was able to attend BYU. Anyone that has been on that campus cannot deny the wonderful mission that it holds: "Enter to learn, go forth to serve." That is definitely my goal as I enter a new chapter of my life. Tomorrow, May 10, I will be starting physical therapy school at Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions here in Provo. It is a great opportunity for us to be somewhere familiar and close to BYU so Erin can finish. I know that when I look back on my life when I'm older, one of the important points in it will be my education at BYU. I know I am more prepared for what is to come because of BYU.

Saturday, May 8, 2010


To the most amazing mom in the world... Happy Mother's Day! I love you so so much.

(Everyone loves this woman, even the lorikeets.)