Monday, August 23, 2010

The Year of Love

One year ago yesterday Chance and I were sealed together for time and all eternity. We seem to reminisce about that day quite often simply because it was perfect in every way. We have agreed that this past year has been the best yet and we are looking forward to many more!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

MPH degree - Maid of Provo Homes

So we have an interesting neighbor in our new apartment complex. We have talked on many occassions and every time the neighbor asks for my name. This was no big deal at first because I am not the best with names either; however, the other day I realized it was not just my name he didn't remember.

I was leaving our apartment the other morning with cleaning supplies to go clean our old apartment before the cleaning check walk-through. My neighbor was leaving for work and he says hello to me (normal enough right? but no) then he asks me if I am the housekeeper for that apartment. Yes, he asked me if I was the maid for the ONE bedroom PROVO apartment I was walking out of. Not to mention he had seen me walk out of that apartment with Chance several times! I tried to stifle my laughter, but could barely contain myself. I guess if nothing works out with my MPH degree I could always go into house cleaning... I am pretty good at it.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Other Wes Moore

I just read a great thought provoking book called The Other Wes Moore. Chance and I have been talking about it for several days and I would recommend it to anyone! It is pretty intense, but very insightful about a true story of young boys growing up in the inner cities of Baltimore and how a supportive family and good role models can make a powerful difference in someone's life. The author gives a quick summary of his story at this link, check it out if you are looking for a good read!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Provo Canyon

Provo Canyon is beautiful! One of my favorite things about living in Provo is packing a picnic and driving to the canyon to have lunch along the river. Chance and I have our favorite lunch spot and it always seems to be open for us. This time we stopped and bought some delicious peaches from a stand on the way there, making our picnic even tastier!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

My man is 26!

Chance had a birthday this week, the big 2-6!

We went up to Idaho Falls over the weekend for the blessing of Blakely Tangi Larsen, Chance's sister's darling baby girl and celebrated a little there with the family and then in Provo too. It was practically a family reunion in Idaho Falls for the baby blessing, Chance's extended family are so supportive. It doesn't matter where they live, they all come to the special events. It is pretty neat.

So, somehow my camera was on video setting for all of Chance's birthday pictures, whoops! Well yesterday we were able to go watch one of my friends Alex Rivers from high school play against the Orem Owlz which was really fun. Our friends Tyler and Chelsey came with us and it was such a beautiful night to be outside. It was so great to catch up with Alex and hear about his life.

Well I am excited for a new week! Life is good.