Wednesday, May 23, 2012

35 weeks

Wow, only 5 more weeks to go! I went in for an ultrasound today to check his growth and they said he is on target, weighing about 6 pounds right now. It was so fun to see him again, I can't wait to hold him in my arms!

Other happenings in our life:
-Chance is in his second to last semester of school and is loving his internship here.
-I am teaching swim lessons and absolutely loving my weightless self in the water!
-Chance is getting over a nasty strep infection, but luckily baby and I have stayed healthy.
-We have met the most wonderful people here in Austin and everyone has been so nice to us!
-My mom is coming up a week from today for my baby shower and I can't wait!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sea World!

32 weeks... only 8 more to go!
As Chance and I were looking at the calendar we realized that we only had a few free weekends left before our baby comes, so we decided to treat ourselves to a little mini vacation as Chance called it. Ever since Chance found out San Antonio had a Sea World, he has been dying to go. I never knew how much he loved it - as in as soon as we bought our tickets he became distracted with Sea World day dreams and couldn't sleep at night. I love that I continue to learn new things about the man I love!

I loved the beluga whales! So cute!
We went to all of the shows and exhibits and we loved every minute. My favorite were the killer whale show and Sea Lion Tonight show. I also loved going to the dolphin cove where you can touch the dolphins as they swim by you. I think I probably could have stayed there all afternoon.

Orcas are so beautiful!
This video clip is from the Sea Lion Tonight show where this GIANT walrus started doing situps. It was a hilarious sight to see!

We had a perfect day, just what we both needed.