Sunday, September 26, 2010

True Blue

The Hendricks family came for a fun visit this weekend and we were sad to see them leave today! It is always fun to have visitors. Saturday we had a true blue day. Brad and DeLyn and I hiked the Y early Saturday morning, which is always fun. It was their first time and I'm not sure if I'll be able to convince Brad to do it again, but oh well it was fun while it lasted! (Chance had a weekend course he had to go to on Saturday and Brandon didn't want to get his new Nikes dirty). Later that day we were able to go watch the BYU vs. Nevada game, it was sad to see them lose, but really fun to be there in the stadium. 
Chance is the biggest BYU fan I know and so he is the best person to go with. He can find the good in anything.

Cute brothers.

Thanks Brad and DeLyn for treating us so special this weekend and thanks Brandon for keeping us laughing! 
We are excited for the new week, the Brink fam comes in on Tuesday and we can't wait!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Happy birthday to me!

Chance and I decided to celebrate my 22nd birthday by going on a weekend camping trip to Zion National Park. Neither of us had been before and we absolutely loved it! So so beautiful!

We found a great little campsite and went on some amazing hikes! As soon as we set up our tent we headed off to hike Angel's Landing. The last half mile of the hike you are holding on to chains climbing some steep cliffs with drop offs like you wouldn't believe!

Starting the chains...

This is the last portion of the hike and at the tip top is the end, the view was quite spectacular up there.

We made it!

We finished off the day hiking to Emerald Pools, everything in the park is just so beautiful. 

Saturday morning we packed breakfast (thanks Meg and Mom for the AMAZING granola) and went to hike Hidden Canyon bright and early. We were the only ones on the trail!

Chance slipped off one of the edges here and was yelling for my help, but I had to grab the camera to take a quick photo of the view before I helped him up. Luckily he held on!

Alive and strong as ever!

Hidden Canyon had some chains too, but nothing as crazy as Angels Landing. It was so cool being the only ones on the mountain! We packed up Saturday and spent the rest of the weekend in Hurricane with Chance's cousin Brittany and her wonderful family. We hung out by the pool, ate some In-N-Out, and had fun with their cute kids. Thanks Brittany and Jeremy! Anyways we had a beautiful weekend and are excited for a new week.