Monday, April 29, 2013

I love Leo

I adore this baby boy, 10 months never looked so good. We laugh so much together, I love it. He is always on the move, always with something in hand. He gives the best open mouth kisses, snuggles, and makes the funniest sounds. 
I love doing his hair every once in awhile, he is just the cutest thing.
He takes two naps a day, about an hour and fifteen minutes each, but the other day he slept for over 2 hours and this is what he looked like when I walked into his room. Priceless!
He loves being made into our bed in the morning, he just sits there and giggles as I tuck him all in.
We visited the Jelly Belly Factory a few weekends ago with some friends, it was fun and delicious!
Leo and his buddy Liam in the belly flops - yes we bought 3 bags to get 2 free!