Monday, August 22, 2011

The Best 2 Years

“Happiness in marriage can exceed a thousand times any other happiness.” 
-President Faust

Ice Cream and Waterfalls

This past week we checked off two items on our Provo bucket list, eating at Sammy's and hiking Mount Timpanogos. One was delicious and the other was challenging, but they were both delightful experiences!

We had the oreo pie and banana cream pie shakes, so tasty. 

The beginning.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Birthday Week

Here are some exciting moments from Chance's birthday week. 

Chance's dad drove down and took him out to lunch, golf, and bought him a fancy new driver.
We met up with Tangi and Scott for a fun afternoon at Boondocks and a yummy dinner to follow. Chance and Niels got soaked on those boats! 
Uncle Chance! These kids are the cutest.

I made Chance the Brink family favorite, Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cream Cake. It was heavenly. It was thoroughly enjoyed by all. 

This shirt was Chance's birthday present from me. He is a cougar through and through that is for sure. He is already anxious to wear it to the BYU vs U game coming up in September, which my family gave him a sizable donation for! 
I love birthdays. I love Chance.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

day of birth

Yesterday was Chance's birthday! His birthday is a joyous day because I am so glad he was born! My life would be incomplete without him. 

 Happy birthday cute boy, we will be celebrating all week!