Friday, January 15, 2010

Jazz vs Heat

For Christmas I gave Chance tickets to the Jazz/Heat game, it was so fun! Ok our seats weren't great, but we got to see D Wade in action, oh and the Jazz players too.

We also celebrated our friend Ben's birthday a little bit ago, his wife Allyson made THE most amazing/beautiful chocolate peanut butter cake! So I accidentally cut Ben and Chance out of the picture, but I got the cake in there!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

I prefer play time over study time

Today is the Saturday after the first week of school and guess where we are. The library. Let's just say we both have tough semesters ahead of us (luckily this is the last of Chance's undergrad). We actually only have ourselves to blame because we hardly touched school work yesterday. Chance worked in the morning and then we went to the temple, which was lovely. I actually ran into two of my best friends from my childhood Spencer and Johnny, which was so fun! They both got home from their missions in Brazil about two weeks ago.

After that we met up with Ben & Allyson, Taylor & Carrie for Avatar- soOoO good! We loved it and would recommend it to anyone. We went over to Taylor and Carrie's house afterwards for dinner and games. The boys made us yummy french toast and then we were kind enough to beat them in Catch-phrase. Ok time to get back to work!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Steele and Ciera's Wedding!

It was so great to be a part of Steele and Ciera's wedding, they are a darling couple and I am so glad that they finally get to be together forever! They had a beautiful sealing ceremony in the Salt Lake Temple and then a luncheon and evening reception in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. Chance, Taylor, Ben, and Steele have been roommates for several years and now are all married within one year of each other. They were all groomsmen in the wedding party and I have loved getting to know the boys and their wives better. We have all become good friends! Here are some pictures of the special day.

Waiting for the new couple

Yay for love!

The boys

Ciera looked so beautiful and Steele as handsome as ever

Lunch was yummy!

We were able to see the lights on our way to the car, everything looked beautiful!