Monday, October 28, 2013

Leo lately

Making dinner, he will give you a taster if you say please!
Hay ride - I love fall so much
Leo is an unconventional slider
Playing catch with Elder Oaks during General Conference
Bedtime stories
Pumpkin farm with friends

Leo is my favorite little guy in the whole world. He loves spaghetti, dancing, greek yogurt, eating food with his own spoon, the "hotdog" song at the end of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, dogs, pumpkins, when Daddy comes home, Skype sessions with family, being outside, and chocolate chips. He hates getting his diaper changed, getting dressed, coming inside, and cats. I love his developing personality and how he is learning more every day and man he is just so cute I can't get enough!


Cindy Brink said...

can't wait to see him (and you and Chance) in person!!

Jana said...

Love this boy!! Countdown until Christmas begins!!